Double Glazing

We supply and fit made to measure replacement double glazed units. Improve your homes thermal efficiency with a Softcoat Low ā€˜Eā€™, Argon filled unit with warm edge spacer.

Choose from clear glass or a wide range of obscure pattern and satin options. All options are available toughened.

Add a little character to your home with our leaded pattern glass or Georgian bar options. Designed to your needs and specification.

Replacement glass units can be a great alternative to full replacement windows. They can save time, money and disruption, while still giving your home a fresh new look and improving security and efficiency. This can reduce energy bills, especially in cold climates.



Misted Units

Unfortunately over time, as your windows age, it is very common for the seals in the glass to fail leading to water entering the gap between the two panes of glass. This water will then evaporate, causing condensation within your glass unit. This means the glass unit can no longer keep the cold out and the warm in. This in turn means you will be losing heat that you are paying for. By replacing your old double glazed units, you will be saving money on unnecessary energy bills.

Faulty units can also cause draughts as the unit no longer provides a solid barrier when the gas between the two panes escapes. This makes it harder to heat your home.

Condensation can also reduce the lifespan of your window, as it can encourage mold growth which can damage the frames.

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